Inflorescence is the soundtrack to a dream from which you never want to awaken.”

— Cinepunx

“The world needs more musical explorers like Pikefruit who break down and reinvent comfy genre tropes. Alex and Nicole proved to be superb artists who trust their instincts and tastes while also wanting to push themselves to try new things.”

— Bearded Gentlemen

“It’s dreamy and enticing, but not merely that—it’s got challenging sensibilities. Like a quieter late ’80s Cocteau Twins, or Tracy Thorn singing near-silent, silky soundtracks, singer Nicole is a siren; yet she coos over carbonated currents of bubbling mystery from keyboardist Alex, whose sounds come in odd-patterned, wind-swirled flows...”

— The Big Takeover

“Pikefruit find themselves in a very unique spot, where the best sounds of the ‘80s, the creative pop of the ‘90s and modern day indie-rock are all present in a very smart and memorable debut album we should all be acquainted with.”

— Take Effect

Wish You Were Here epitomizes why Pikefruit are one of the most exciting up-and-coming groups in the area today. The unique, shimmering synth creates a metallic underpinning for high, reverberant vocals. The result is alluringly catchy—even dancey, at times—without sounding cheap or overly-commercial.”

— Audiofemme

Wish You Were Here is the dream world you go to while asleep as all sorts of spectral color light up your dreamscape.”

— Whisperin and Hollerin


“Listening to Sprig after a long day is almost a shock to the system–it’s sweet without being cloying and it’s beautiful without being superficial."

— Part-Time Audiophile

“Pikefruit create perfect synth-/chamber-pop; the kind of warm and inviting electronic/synth music that avoids the Auto-tuned distortions of current harsher pop and rock cuts that dot the musical landscape.”

— The Big Takeover

“A very humble and genuine listen where Nicole’s pipes are nothing short of addictive and the music nostalgic, frisky and inventive, Sprig brings a rawness and unpolished aspect to a genre that is often overly produced on this charming, authentic and stylish endeavor.”

— Take Effect

“It’s lilting, airy, mysterious, and melancholy. It’s somehow both dreamy and moody, adolescent and self-assured.”

— Bearded Gentlemen

“Most songs are light and airy, like walking through an ethereal garden in Middle Earth.”

— Tuned Up