Wish You Were Here epitomizes why Pikefruit are one of the most exciting up-and-coming groups in the area today. The unique, shimmering synth creates a metallic underpinning for high, reverberant vocals. The result is alluringly catchy—even dancey, at times—without sounding cheap or overly-commercial.”

— Audiofemme

“Listening to Sprig after a long day is almost a shock to the system–it’s sweet without being cloying and it’s beautiful without being superficial."

— Part-Time Audiophile

“Pikefruit create perfect synth-/chamber-pop; the kind of warm and inviting electronic/synth music that avoids the Auto-tuned distortions of current harsher pop and rock cuts that dot the musical landscape.”

— The Big Takeover

“A very humble and genuine listen where Nicole’s pipes are nothing short of addictive and the music nostalgic, frisky and inventive, Sprig brings a rawness and unpolished aspect to a genre that is often overly produced on this charming, authentic and stylish endeavor.”

— Take Effect

“It’s lilting, airy, mysterious, and melancholy. It’s somehow both dreamy and moody, adolescent and self-assured.”

— Bearded Gentlemen

“Most songs are light and airy, like walking through an ethereal garden in Middle Earth.”

— Tuned Up